Doing our part for Covid-19 Situation in Bhutan

For past few weeks, Bhutan’s economy has been hit hard. With 5 confirm cases till date, of which 2(International Couple) have been recovered, and all being imported cases, Bhutan seems to be in much better condition than other countries around the globe. However, as it has been better for individuals, it has been really hard for the businesses, and specially for Tourism, Hospitality and associated industries.

We are no exception, but we are trying hard to survive. As we understand the situation and want to lay a helping hand to the community, we are also restricted with our small resources. Never the less, we have announced some help from our side on social media on our offering as an IT company. Some offerings are for free, while some with huge discounts and reduced rates.

It may not be much, but we will try to constantly come up with ideas on helping businesses get through this situation.