The Tigers Nest Camp

They purchased eZee Property Management Solution from us a year ago when they were under construction. We were surprised to receive a call from them asking us to implement the solution during the COVID19 Situation as most of the other hotels and resorts have stop operating. But to our delight they have open to carter local guest. Their setup is 15 tents that are beautifully pitched with a proper inbuild bathroom facing the majestic Tiger Nest “Taktshang”.

While we were at the property implementing the solution, we saw bookings coming in even before they start operating.

Congratulations “The Tiger Nest Camp” , may you keep getting bookings. And we are proud of you to have fought the COVID 19 Situation your way.

For Booking, Visit their Facebook Page

They are using #ezeefrontdesk for their Front office operation and #eZeeburrp for their restaurant.